Emily Glorisia

Fifth Captain of the Black Scrolls mercenaries


Orphan, parents were killed when she was a toddler by monsters that attacked their town that laid within the territory of Aslines. At 8 years old, stole a spellbook from Valdemor Stoffilanna, an elf member of the mercenary group, the Black Scrolls. As most of the members are from Aslines, the four troops usually meet up within the borders of their home nation. Although she wound up caught, Emily managed to memorize a few of the spells beforehand. Douglas Glorisia, First Captain of the Black Scrolls, adopted her instead of dealing her punishment. He claimed to see great potential in her. At first, she didn’t care much for her new father and shunned his offerings to teach her the martial ways of a fighter, instead wanting to focus on her magical talent. However, her mind was changed when she secretly followed her father and his troop into a dungeon to subdue a sorcerer attempting lichdom. Amazed at Douglas’ prowess, she accepted his teaches, although ended up combining it with her talent with magic.

As she grew up and learned how to fight, Emily pretty much joined the Black Scrolls as a member of her father’s troop. When she was 16, she was given the title of Fifth Captain and her own troop to lead. A year later, she had her first major mission: deal with a mad warlock, who had gotten his greedy hands on a power that let him summon fiends. In one-on-one combat, Emily managed to kill the warlock, but he set off a magical explosion upon his death. The power would’ve torn her into pieces if it weren’t for the Being whisking her off to the Sanctum of the Brave to fight another day. She knows the Black Scrolls will official label her as deceased, but without a body to collect, most of them (she knows her father especially) will believe that she’s still alive.

Raised by Douglas, Emily picked up many commendable traits. She is respectful to authority and recognizes when someone’s orders supersedes her own, but is completely willing to ignore such orders if she believes there’s another way. A sense of duty was installed in her – as she has the strength and power, it is a right of hers to help others, especially if they’re in no way able to help themselves, although Emily doesn’t like to help those who are simply too lazy and doesn’t like to work without getting enough of a reward to benefit herself. Hearts must be in the right spot. She’s quick to trust others, as she never found anyone she could not trust amongst the Black Scrolls.

The Black Scrolls started out as a joint effort between Douglas and Valdemor over twenty years ago, and over time grew into a mercenary group with over fifty members. They specialize in extermination and suppression of magical beasts, creatures, and people who seek to do evil or harm others, usually in the area of Eswor considering its right on the border of many passageways to the Underdark. The group is organized into troops, each one headed by a Captain. Emily became the first Fifth Captain of the Black Scrolls, who are so named because their uniform consists of black clothing with a black-and-white-outline tabard. Each captain is given a black metal insignia of a scroll with their number and name (magically enchanted so when two pins are held together they resonate; thus it’s impossible to create fakes), which is pinned over their heart.

Emily Glorisia

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