Dawn Revolution

The Dawn Revolution was a war across the Magelands in which the common people, led by the Dawn of the Shield, overthrew the sorcerer tyrants of the land. The official start date of the war is 383 AU, at the Battle of Erdia, a massive victory for the Dawn of Shield forces.

Before the war, the Dawn of the Shield spent 16 years on a grand adventure seeking a set of items called the Magebanes, artifacts that can neutralize the powers of sorcerers. Upon locating the Magebanes, the Dawn of the Shield began a secret war against the sorcerers. They assassinated several of the major powers of the Magelands while building an army amongst the people. They spent 3 years building their forces and weakening the sorcerers before they came out openly against their enemy.

The war only lasted a few months. The sorcerers, already weakened by the secret war and not prepared to have their greatest strength ripped away from them, were easily defeated.

The end of the war in 384 AU led to the establishment of the temporary nation of New Udrahan

Dawn Revolution

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