Settlement War

The Settlement War was a 30 year conflict in the early history of the Magelands. In the year 30 PU, the elves of Saydon Empire, growing fearful that the human settlers of the Magelands would prevent them from harvesting kosem stone deposits, began a campaign to push the humans out of the magelands.

In the first five years of the Settlement War, the humans faced many defeats against the Saydon Empire. The leaders of the largest human settlements gathered and declared a strategic alliance. They formed a massive army under the leadership of Vyncent Hyte, the head of Udrahan, the largest city of the Magelands. Gathered together as a large organized army, the human army was able to balance the tables and began winning battles. Hyte was, however, a politician and not a tactician, and he was not able to fully turn the battle.

20 years into the war, an elven assassin was able to sneak into the command tent of Hyte the night before the Battle of Panim. Without any leadership, the human forces were almost defeated when the young chieftain of a small settlement, Fainsirn, took control of the army and turned the battle around.

Fainsirn was quickly given the command of the rest of the army after the Battle of Panim. In five years, Fainsirn had managed to defeat most of the elven forces. He then went on a campaign to destroy all the elven settlements. After 30 years, Fainsirn and his army had pushed all signs of elves out of the Magelands, leading to the establishment of the Kingdom of Udrahan.

Settlement War

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