War of Eternal Suffering

The War of Eternal Suffering was a Magelands war between different factions vying for power. After the murder of King Gervas Fainsirn of Udrahan, a war broke out between members of the Obsidian Mark and royalists. The Obsidian Mark was quickly able to defeat the royalists, however the sorcerers themselves began to fight over how the Udrahan would be divided between them.

Hundreds of sorcerers went to war with each other over the course of 228 years, with control of different lands constantly switching hands. The land was devastated by the sorceress wars, and the common people, suffered immensely. It was during this time, during a great battle between sorcerers that the Endless Crater was created.

After 226 years most of the weaker sorcerer warlords were destroyed, and the mightier sorcerers at a stalemate between them. During this time, the Saydon Empire had taken advantage of the chaos, and begun to make excursions back into the Magelands.

The remaining sorcerers announced a cease-fire, and teamed together to defeat the elves. After 2 years, they were able to stop the encroachment of the elves, but were not able to push them back.

While the war never technically ended, an easy truce was reached due to the inability of any side to gain any additional territory, and the war ended in 228 AU.

War of Eternal Suffering

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