Barm Steppes

The Barm Steppes are a dry and grassy area to the south of the Barm Desert, to the west it is separated from the Marashat Peninsula by mountains, and to the south it borders the northern forests of the Magelands.

The Barm Steppes are considered the homeland of humans. Due to the poor climate for farming, humans in the Barm Steppes remain nomadic even today, with little in the way of settlements. Further to the south, when the steppes become less dry, one can find some small settlements, but they are rare and often under great danger from the nomadic tribes.

Religion in the Barm Steppes is predominately unorganized with each tribe having its own pantheon. However, religious scholars believe that these different pantheons are only different versions of what they refer to as the Savage Garden Pantheon

Within the Barm Steppes there are many nomadic tribes, but there are 14 major tribes who dominate most of the land.

The 14 major tribes are:
The Invinsible Earth Tribe
The Risen Finger Tribe
The Berserk Paw Tribe
The Quiet Mouth Tribe
The Dead Scar Tribe
The Last Star Tribe
The Crazy Ash Tribe
The Large Watch Tribe
The Blessed Ember Tribe
The Falling Eye Tribe
The Brown Hounds Tribe
The Ancient Snake Tribe
The Swift Spear Tribe
The Ebon Hawk Tribe

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Barm Steppes

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