The Magelands are a diverse region characterized by a vast array of geographic features at the core of Hareitz. The majority of the region is habitable, and it is the most populated region with a variety of nations.

The Magelands are considered the native homeland of Halflings and where Tieflings eventually arose. It is also where nomadic humans from the northern Barm Steppes first came into contact with the elves from Saydon Forest.


The elves, at first refusing to settle outside their homelands entered the Magelands solely on temporary expeditions to exploit its natural resources, specifically its high density of kosem stone deposits. After discovering the human nomads that had entered the Magelands through the northern forests, the elves took it upon themselves to civilize the barbaric tribesmen.

Soon, with the guidance of the elves, the humans were building small settlements throughout the Magelands, and learning to use magic. The elves soon learned of the speed at which humans reproduce, and, fearing for their supply of kosem stone and other resources, began a campaign to push the humans out of the Magelands. The humans, however, had already grown too strong, and the small independent settlements banded together and successfully pushed the elves completely out of the Magelands. This war is referred to as the Settlement War.

After the Settlement War, the human settlements, chose to remain together, selecting the greatest general of the war, Fainsirn as the first king of Udrahan.

In time, human involvement with magic in the Kingdom of Udrahan led to the evolution of human sorcerers. Thought at first to be blessings, the innate powers of sorcerers and the knowledge of the wizards contributed to a highly sophisticated society. However, the sorcerers, loved by society, began to grow proud and wanted power. When Nojest Jourlu, leader of the Obsidian Mark, slew King Gervas a great war broke out between Royalist forces and the powerful sorcerers of the Obsidian Mark. The Royalist forces were defeated quickly by the Obsidian Mark, but during the course of the war new factions arose and the War of Eternal Suffering went on for 228 years. By the end of the war, the Magelands had been divided between several powerful sorcerer warlords, with a small portion regained by the elves.

For the next 384 years, the Magelands would be ruled by various tyrannical sorcerers. Only those born with power were able to practice magic or gain any position in society, while commoners were heavily oppressed. Many were enslaved, and horrifying experiments were conducted. This came to an end when the halfling wizard Eberlulf Hayward, a refugee in the elven lands, formed the Dawn of the Shield, bringing to the land the Magebanes and leading the Dawn Revolution.

After the Dawn Revolution, the newly freed people of the Magelands formed a council to rule over New Udrahan. However, corruption within the council grew after 399 years, and New Udrahan eventually dissolved into the smaller nations that can be found in the Magelands today.

The Magelands Today

Within the northern forests of the Magelands one can still find nomadic tribes from the Barm Steppes and small pockets of well-hidden unaffiliated Halfling settlements. The political landscape of the Magelands today is dynamic. There 22 different nations with diverse species and cultures. These nations are:

Pruiq Swus

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