Marashat Peninsula

Also known as the “Dragonlands”, the Marashat Peninsula is the second most diverse environment in Hareitz after the Magelands. To the east, bordering the Barm Steppes is the wild Vrasag Mountain Range. The Northeast contains the Inilth Desert. In the center are Mount Krysoss, followed by the flatlands bordered to the west by woodlands.

The Marashat Peninsula is home to both Dragons and the Dragonborns of Hareitz. Control of the region is divided between free dragonborn nations and dragon ruled lands. The region is divided into 6 domains.

Dragon-ruled Domains
Domain of Thaegern
Domain of Rylarth
Domain of Avrae
Domain of Naunornan

Dragonborn Nations
Kingdom of Sidauc
The Firmengr Confederacy

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Marashat Peninsula

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