Saydon Forest

The Saydon Forest is a large expanse to the east of the Magelands, that covers both a small portion of the main continental body and an archipelago off the coast of Hareitz. The entire vast region is heavily wooded.

It is well-known that the region has a close relationship with the Feywilds, and that there are certain areas where once can easily gain access to the plain. It is believed that it was through these areas that Elves first came to populate the land millennia ago. Gnomes are believed to be the original inhabitants of the land, possibly Dwarves, who, touched by the Feywilds, evolved into the beings that they are today.

For as long as history records, the Saydon Forest has been ruled by the Saydon Empire. This Empire can be broken apart into the 8 islands ruled by Elves known as the High Lords, and the mainland which is led by the Saydon Congress.

The Islands of Saydon Forest are named after different Archfey:

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Saydon Forest

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