Sanctum of the Brave

The Sanctum of the Brave is the realm of Diemis. The realm is not large, and has taken the shape of a grand palace.

The Palace contains multiple buildings within its outer walls, with beautiful perfectly symmetrical gardens covering the grounds. Fountains are spread throughout these gardens, all of which are almost perfectly maintained, except for the statues upon them, which are all missing different features making them unidentifiable.

The “barracks” is a beautiful building that contains large rooms that are designed according to the desires and tastes of all of its residents. The grounds contain a large bathhouse, filled with all the most luxurious amenities. Standing opposite the barracks is a small closed arena, the inside of which often shifts and expands in shape to accommodate different training exercises and competitions. There is one building, a small dome, that contains no door and none have been able to enter.

In the center of the palace grounds is the domed main building. This massive structure serves as the home of the Diemis, and the main meeting place of his guests. The entrance opens way to a grand hall in which all residents take their meals together. The walls of this hall are decorated with tapestries of great battles, portraits of heroes, and various pennants and podiums containing great trophies. During the meals, all sit at a round table, with Diemis sitting in the midst of it. No matter where one sits at the table, they find themselves facing him. Resting on a dais behind the table is the throne of Diemis, behind which lays the entrance to Diemis’ personal chambers that only selected guests may enter. It is said that none who enter return.

Notable Residents:
Diemis, Lord of the Sanctum of the Brave
Ialdir, Steward of Lord Diemis
Farrowore the Bard

Sanctum of the Brave

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